Rich Honey wants to share its processes with all its clients to make sure they get the best experience possible when developing their production.

Rich honey has come up with the solution that has given brands the opportunity to choose their own Pantone colors when it comes to the dyeing stage of the garments.

If you are a local Los Angeles resident we actually take you down to the dye house to choose your own colors, this gives you the sense that you are designing your own canvas which 100% makes it your own garment.

We also offer Lab dips for specific Pantone colors for companies in other states out side Los Angeles which helps when dealing with different types of fabrics as they all saturate differently depending on the content.

Your brands needs something that everyone else doesn’t have - There is nothing worse than going to a trade show and buyers asked you if your t-shirt is from American Apparel - Bella or next level !!!!

Oh did we tell you you don’t have to rip out the companies neck label ! That’s because Rich Honey doesn’t have labels in the garment. We actually offer to make custom labels and sew them in once they get back from the dye house.

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